Willow Ridge Farm
Image by Alex Kudryavtsev

Willow Ridge Farm

Lanza Farms, Farmstead Creamery

Lanza Farms, Farmstead Creamery

Horseman's Trail Farm, Tamworth piglets
Image by Mary Finger

Horseman's Trail Farm, Tamworth piglets

Willow Ridge Farm, Bourbon Red turkeys

Willow Ridge Farm, Bourbon Red turkeys

Small Farms

CCE-Putnam is unique among local organizations in offering a continuum of education and resources that enable it to address a food systems issues in a holistic way. By working at a food-system level, we can more effectively respond to cross-cutting needs such as food safety, food access, local farms and community infrastructure. We offer resources for farmers, and consumers, to help strengthen our local and regional food systems.

Are you starting a farm? Help is right here! www.nebeginningfarmers.org

Looking for land to farm? Have land that needs a farmer?

Maybe you are just getting started. Or you arelooking to sell or lease farm land? Check out Hudson Valley Farmlink Network, a partnership of organizations bringing farmers and landowners together.


New Farmer resource hub

for new farmers (but experience farmers may find these useful as well)



Publications to download and peruse


New "Guide to Marketing Channels" released

2nd edition Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management

Putnam County Farm Pickins

Putnam County’s Farm Pickins – Know your Farmer, Know Your Food.

Visit Putnam County's farms, Farmers Markets or join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). The brochure below, developed by the Putnam County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board and the Putnam County Soil and Water Conservation District, will help you discover Putnam's agricultural wealth.


Spring into gardening

Gardens in the Face

of a Changing Climate. This detailed guide will teach you how to have a "climate-friendly" garden. It provides ways to reduce chemical inputs, improve compost, and how to use cover crops to increase soil health.

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Food Gardening

Growing your own food can be a very satisfying effort that pays off in a number of ways: your fruits and vegetables are fresher and you can choose the exact varieties that you and your family enjoy.

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