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Food Access Survey Image
Image by Jen Lerner

¿Puede hablarnos de su relación con la búsqueda y compra de alimentos que les gusta?

Food Access Survey Image
Image by Jen Lerner

Can you tell us about your relationship with finding and purchasing foods you like?

The Putnam County Food System Coalition

Welcome to the Putnam County Food System Coalition webpage! Please read below for the project summary. 

Food Insecurity in Putnam

Did you know that 28% of Putnam County residents struggle to meet their basic daily needs? As unemployment and underemployment have increased from COVID-19, the problem of food insecurity has gotten worse. Demand at food pantries has increased, and more of our neighbors are trying to grow some of their own food at home. 

In order to find lasting solutions to food insecurity, CCE Putnam has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program. 

CCE Putnam is partnering with local food system agencies on a Planning Project to formalize our network and conduct a community food assessment. We will work closely with local residents and leaders to plan for long-term solutions to food insecurity. Our partners will build upon past successes by formalizing a Coalition through establishing a mission, vision, and decision-making process, and onboarding additional organizations and local community representatives. 

The three Goals of this Planning Project are: 

1) Increase our community’s ability to enact change by forming a Coalition, 

2) Conduct a community food assessment, and 

3) Use results from the community food assessment to plan and seek funding for a community food project. 

The Coalition will serve as a collective impact network of practitioners and community members, whose actions and decisions will be guided by local residents. By utilizing an asset-based approach to our assessment and involving a diversity of stakeholders, we aim to create an environment where the community can lead and build long-term solutions to food insecurity. Potential outcomes include policy recommendations, infrastructure enhancement, community education, and workforce development.

Last updated June 4, 2021